Follow my Instagram @SanityGained and you will see I am a Registered Nurse, a Certified Personal Trainer and I choose the outdoors over the indoors every time.  All of this is true. Now I want to tell you more.

My name is Raina. I am 53 years old and the mom of three. Much of my life has felt like preparing to mount a horse for the first time ever and having this horse gallop off before a saddle or a bridal is put on; only able to grab a handful of mane. Some of this terrifyingly thrilling ride is directly due to choices I have made and some is just life. A life that can, at times, appear ugly, feel unjust, unfold unpredictably and, yet when examined reveals an unparalleled beauty.

Many have said I am uncommonly strong, a survivor of sorts. I am here to tell you, through the upcoming posts on Sanity Gained, how I continue to persevere and thrive. If I can lighten your load, strengthen your backbone or break your fall, then this ride gets more beautiful and a little fairer, the runaway gallop becomes a controlled canter. I hope to hand you the reins, place a saddle beneath you and secure your feet in the stirrups.

There is not a one size fits all method to achieve this and flourish. The same tool may not work every day. We all need several coping skills at our fingertips. Sometimes going to the gym just won't work at 2 am.  That said, I am a personal trainer and I believe that regular exercise is the main key. Contact me for in person and/or online training. Let's talk! Read @SanityGained and lets help each other.